story: Marriage, afterwards

It is a story of joy and sorrow that is still ongoing, married without knowing, gave birth to a child, went back and forth between full-time and working moms, gave birth to a second child, and raised a second child.

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[Table of Contents]

I happened to be a mother.

1. Men and women blinded by love
2. Marriage, temperature difference between France and Korea
3. We became an official couple.
4. Family trip and business trip to Europe
5. I can’t be pregnant
6. If I were pregnant
7. I might be pregnant
8. Baby, let’s go see London together.
9. How will my life unfold?
10. Distracted celebration and “Your life is over”

anger and sorrow

11. Morning sickness is not beautiful
12. Medicine is not allowed for pregnant women
13. You want me to sacrifice myself?
14. From the superstar heroine to the road manager
15. From civilization to primitive
16. Digital to analog
17. Time is no longer mine.
18. non-stop parenting for 24 hours
19. I’ve never lived this hard in my life
20. Forget about elegance
21. Motherly love? Let’s call it a sense of responsibility(1)
22. Motherly love? Let’s call it a sense of responsibility(2)
23. What do you mean, Down syndrome?
24. Atopy, many sleepless nights (1)
25. Atopy, many sleepless nights (2)
26. A ten-year loss
27. Single-parenting? Quarantine parenting!
28. Where did that the arrogant girl go?
29. I can’t live alone anymore

Delight and joy

30. Love is in the air
31. Rediscovery of my breast and uterus
32. Why is my husband still lovely?
33. Baby is worth everything
34. Baby loves more parents
35. That’s how he become a father (1)
36. That’s how he become a father (2)
37. Another motivation in life
38. Thanks to my child, I have a lot of memories
39. Thanks to my child, I sing poems
40. My next life as a kid
41. Live eternity with the child.

French parenting vs. Korean parenting

  • 42. Postnatal care? Baby and mom schools?
  • 43. Reaction for crying babies: Leave them / Hug and soothe them
  • 44. Baby alone in his bed / Baby with mommy in bed
  • 45. powdered milk as possible / breast milk as possible
  • 46. Baby food: Canned food / Make your own fresh food
  • 47. Playing: on your own / with your parents
  • 48. Toy Parenting / Smartphone Parenting
  • 49. Grandparents: Vacation childcare / Not available
  • 50. Adult-oriented / Child-oriented

Urban parenting vs rural parenting

  • 51. Where money is everything / Work your ass off!
  • 52. Outsourcing and managing / DIY(do it yourself)
  • 53. Baby, you can simply do nothing / You can do whatever you want.
  • 54. Busy children and parents / All you have is time
  • 55. Snacks: ice cream and chips / fruit.
  • 56. a place full of people / full of animals and plants
  • 57. Annoying children / precious children
  • 58. The child is becoming more like the person who raises him
  • 59. Affection: through Birth / Raising

Full-time vs Working Mom

  • The feeling of quarantine at home / the feeling of being punished by heaven.
  • You have to give birth at the most important time in your career.
  • You can’t have it all.
  • For the first time, I acknowledged my lack of ability.
  • The illusion of a road you couldn’t take.
  • The child will grow well anyway.
  • There’s no permanent full-time mom and working mom.

Seventh year of parenting, things I finally realized.

  • Parents gains years of experience with children
  • If parenting is hard, you’re trying too hard at it
  • Why would you do something that great even if you didn’t have a baby?
  • Time’s gonna go by, and baby’s just accompanying.
  • I rediscovered my mom and dad again.
  • The child raises his parents.
  • If another child comes to me again…

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