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Mommy, English tutor

English tutor in Seoul. American woman, from New Jersey. Jolene is married to a Korean man, and a mother of two cute babies. She is an old friend of Kang, the blogger of Very Korean website. They started their friendship as penpal friends 20 years ago! Lovely and energetic woman with caring hearts.

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Jeff Somec

Daddy, Youtuber, Model

Model and YouTuber Jeff Somec donated his talent. A french man, Jeff is also married to a Korean woman, and a father of two cute babies. He said that his babies also love the Podaegi. He hopes that the Korean Podaegi tradition will succeed. He is planning to upload a <How to hold a Podaegi> Youtube video very soon.

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Mom, Blogger, Youtuber

A Korean woman, and a mom of two babies. She loves travelling, music, and writing. She has a great talent in Chinese language. She works with Vincent for Very Korean giftshop with pleasure.

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Yoon caron

Designer, Blogger

A Korean woman and a professional commenter for Kang’s blogs. Her comments were even more popular than Kang’s blogs. She works with Vincent for Very Korean Giftshop.

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